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  • Europaen Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) felhívás
    Dear EFIS Member,

    EFIS is a proud Member of the BioMed Alliance, a unique initiative representing 21 leading European biomedical societies that together include more than 400,000 researchers and health professionals across the continent. The organization’s aim is to facilitate and promote excellence in health and biomedical research, through advocacy and specific actions, at the European level.

    The European Commission is planning the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020, which will be crucial to the future of biomedical research funding in Europe. To influence this process, the biomedical research community must feed experiences with and opinions about Horizon 2020 into this evaluation. The BioMed Alliance has asked for EFIS' input to improve Horizon 2020 and the next EU Research and Innovation Framework Agenda, by launching a survey to monitor and collect experiences with applying for and implementing Horizon 2020 projects.

    You are receiving this message in the hope that you can circulate it as widely as possible throughout your Membership ranks.

    The survey - available here >> - should take no more than 10 minutes.

    Please remember that all input will help provide European institutions with strategic recommendations, and that the greater the circulation of this invitation is, the more the survey will be qualified and the more the "voice" of the European immunology community will be raised.

    Thank you for your support.

    With kind regards,

    Prof. Lorenzo Moretta, President of the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS),
    Prof. Ulrich Jäger, member of the BioMed Alliance Board of Directors and chair of the Monitoring Horizon 2020 Task Force